Working at mPower, Full-time Opportunities

At mPower, we constantly look for fresh talent to fundamentally challenge our worldviews and infuse our organization with fresh perspectives and knowledge. For this reason, we offer a broad-based and highly flexible fellowship that lets you choose from various options, including the length, depth and job role of your fellowship. We tailor the experience
to suit your unique skills, experience, knowledge and interests. A good fit motivates our fellows to do their best, and in turn brings out the best in us.

The mPower Fellowship has three length options:
❖ 3 Month Fellowship (e.g. A Summer Engagement/Internship)
❖ 6 Month Fellowship (e.g. A Sabbatical or Exploratory Engagement)
❖ 1 Year Fellowship (e.g. A Break Year before or after Graduate School)

At the end of the fellowship, you may apply for full time positions (such as our talent fast track – the mPower Young Professionals Program), and will have an advantage over other applicants. We believe in meritocracy, and successful fellows in the past have even become shareholder partners of the company.