A Home for Innovation: Incubated Initiatives

mPower incubates and nurtures innovative ideas that hope to change the way information impacts people’s lives. So far, four social enterprises have embarked on their journeys and we are ever open to new initiatives.


TraumaLink helps traffic crash victims survive their injuries by connecting them to local first responders. When traffic injuries occur, victims and bystanders call TraumaLink’s emergency hotline and in-house operators quickly dispatch help. TraumaLink transforms families and communities by saving lives. The enterprise began its operations in 2014 and have completed their first pilot over a 15-kilometer stretch of the Dhaka-Chittagong highway, near Daudkandi. Following the success of the pilot, the service expanded to another 5 kilometers and the team now aims to increase their coverage to over 100 kilometers over the next year. Traumalink’s efforts were recognized by USAID via the prestigious DIV grant and the 2016 Manthan Awards.

Find out more by visiting www.traumalink.net


Jeeon is a social business that connects village population to urban doctors through tablets and telemedicine consultation by using pharmacies as intermediary service providers. With the dream of “Making Well-being Universal”, Jeeon started its journey as mDoc LLC in 2015. The team used IDEO’s Human-Centered Design methodologies extensively when building their platform and service to ensure they improve and evolve with learnings from the field. The team ensures rapid prototyping, quick experimentation and data-driven decision-making remain central to their process. Jeeon has already served over 2300 patients and aim to take quality healthcare to 3 billion underserved people in rural areas across the world.

Find out more by visiting www.jeeon.co


mTracker’s flagship product, Progress Tracker, is an online platform that empowers programmes to better manage, monitor and evaluate digital financial transfers to families. mTracker aims to enable organizations to track performance, improve accountability and deliver results to underserved communities from virtually anywhere in the world. By creating digital tools that track the impact of interventions, mTracker hopes to improve the sustainability of development solutions.

Find out more by visiting www.mtracker.co


A mobile data collection tool that allows researchers and field workers to conduct surveys and send back results at the touch of a button, mXplore’s product aims to improve the way primary research is done, by reducing the time and costs needed to collect and process data.

Find out more by visiting www.m-xplore.com

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